Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It could be called, the Bill... If you play your cards right.

So what would happen if one day Bill Gates got out of bed and said, "I think I will buy the sun today". The old saying goes, everything has a price, what if Bill Gates wanted to name the sun after himself. Surely, there would be an uproar from the religious community but seriously why not? Of course the issue then turns to, who can claim ownership of the sun. The obvious answer is that Bill Gates would give every person on earth $5. So Bill Gates, if you are reading this go ahead and purchase the most valuable thing in the universe, slip me $5 and I would be happy to be awoken each day by the shining light of the Bill.


  1. This impressed me so much so that I am now claiming complete, and sole ownership of the Sun.

    I will be writing the EULA soon so make sure you check for the upcoming release.

  2. I own a bit of the moon so he can't have that haha
    ...I think I go scammed ;_;

  3. nice blog showing my support, follow back:)

  4. i would much rather worthip the all mighty bill, then the sun.