Saturday, August 28, 2010

After spending a majority of my life studying astronomy and harvesting all of the knowledge I can about the universe I am finally ready to reveal my ultimate goal in life. Through the strength of our Lord and the support of my parents I have decided to follow my dream of finally becoming a planet. I want to become one with the cosmos and embody my true form of a planet, like Jupiter.  This can only be achieved in a group setting so I am seeking volunteers to join my transformation. Please send me a comment if this interests you.

Friday, August 27, 2010


The new school year is starting out a bit slow. Unfortunately I was given a terrible schedule date and am forced to take some of the less preferred classes. The main one being Price theory of economics. Normally this probably wouldnt be a big deal but its once a week for 3 whole hours.... ugh I dont know who enjoys economics for three hours straight but I certainly don't. Even now I am avoiding sleep because  I dread my first day of economics... but I guess I have to face it sometime right?
Started my first day at my university. I dont understand where all the school revenue goes. I can certainly tell you it does not go to parking structures as I spend the first thirty minutes of my school day simply looking for parking. I was seriously trolled by some old woman who decided to get in her car as if she were leaving and sitting there holding up traffic. tl;dr.... parking sucks.