Friday, September 17, 2010


So after devoting a good amount of my time I have completed the Borderlands main campaign. Atleast I think I did. I got to the end and my only thought was... "Are you serious?". SPOILER ALERT: My character devoted their life and put themselves in peril just to be manipulated by some slutty ass satellite and eventually be led on a worthless chase. You get to the end and satellite slut tells you that you finally got the keys to open the vault and have arrived after destroying what I can only assume is an entire species of aliens. Onlyafter that does she tell you that she was using you and the vault wont open for another 200 years. Seriously, 2k needs to not take pages out of Shamylans book, its annoying. Also Bruce Willis was a ghost during the entire movie The Sixth Sense.

-14:08 Never Forget


  1. Fucking hated the end of Borderlands. I pretty much had the same thoughts as you except I was more like "Hm, that cool I guess, but when does the ending start?"